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AODD & GODD Pump solutions for Oil&Gas industry

Traditional air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pumps rely solely on compressed air for power. However, in the oil and gas industry, operators have turned to natural gas as an alternative, leading to the development of gas-operated double-diaphragm (GODD) pumps. Recognizing the unique safety challenges posed by GODD pumps, SANDPIPER collaborated with the Canadian Standards Association (CSA®) in 2003 to establish the first-ever safety certification for these pumps. CSA-certified GODD pumps undergo rigorous testing to ensure safe operation when powered by natural gas, meeting certification and local requirements across various applications.

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Solutions in Chemical Industry

SANDPIPER solutions cater to a wide range of applications, from processing harsh abrasive materials like plastics, polymers, resins, glues and chemicals to ensuring safe transfer and mixing in aggressive environments. Additionally, SANDPIPER specialize in wastewater management, addressing needs such as dewatering, water purification, and slurry handling. Sandpiper expertise extends to handling aggressive environmental conditions, including explosive atmospheres and corrosive environments, while also providing precise batching and injection capabilities for uniform delivery and dosing applications. Moreover, Sandpiper support the manufacturing of disinfectants, offering solutions for sanitizers and other chemical formulations, ensuring efficiency and safety in production processes.

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A durable choice for the Abrasive Ceramics Industry

The ceramics market encompasses a broad spectrum, from glass to pottery to cement, all sharing a common challenge: handling highly viscous and abrasive materials during manufacturing. SANDPIPER pumps excel in these tough applications, resisting common failure modes like air valve breakdown and check ball wear. With SANDPIPER's reliable pump design, you'll experience increased uptime and consistent product quality, even in high-viscosity, high-head pressure conditions. Our innovative designs also optimize air consumption, delivering maximum flow performance while reducing costs and enhancing efficiency. Across various ceramics applications, from loading/unloading transfer, filter press, mixing/batching/coating, molding &casting to wastewater treatment, SANDPIPER pumps ensure reliable and efficient operations, critical for the success of ceramic manufacturing processes.

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Reliable Solutions for Wastewater industries

AODD pumps stand as the proven workhorse in environmental and wastewater management, addressing the complexity of water purification and waste contamination tasks. SANDPIPER offers a comprehensive range of robust pump sizes and designs, ideal for handling harsh solvents, abrasive fluids, and chemical compatibility challenges. As your trusted partner for life, SANDPIPER brings over five decades of expertise in delivering tested pumps that excel in critical environmental and wastewater treatment needs. From signature heavy-duty pumps, containment duty pumps to Submersible pumps , SANDPIPER provides solutions tailored to handle various environmental applications, including loading/unloading, filter press operations, municipal utility needs, wastewater processing, and sludge removal. With configurable options and unique features like ESADS design, SANDPIPER AODD pumps ensure reliable performance and efficiency across diverse wastewater and environmental management tasks

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For more than 50 years, SANDPIPER, the original Warren Rupp pump brand, has been a leader in offering continuous innovation and provide the broadest range of the most reliable and durable air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pumps to support an extensive set of markets around the world.

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