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Standard Duty Metallic Ball Valve AODD Pump

This legendary 1" pump has stood the test of time as a class-leading, trusted air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pump for a variety of markets and applications. It provides portability and versatility. It is equipped to handle abrasive fluids and suspended solids.

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Standard Duty Non Metallic Ball Valve AODD Pump

For more than 55 years, manufacturers across multiple industries utilizing hazardous materials have trusted SANDPIPER to protect people, equipment, the environment and the material being pumped. The SANDPIPER 1" S1F Non-Metallic AODD Pump provides unsurpassed fluid containment in the event a diaphragm is breached. This leak-free pump is designed to be driven by compressed air or nitrogen.

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Heavy Duty Ball Valve AODD Pump

The exclusive SANDPIPER 2" HDB2 Evolution Heavy-Duty Ball Pump is a mainstay in challenging customer applications, moving thin-highly viscous and small, solids-laden fluids. The 2" metallic pump provides excellent durability in demanding applications and is designed to withstand the most rugged and harsh ball valve environments.

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Heavy Duty Flap Valve AODD Pump

The SANDPIPER 2" heavy-duty non-metallic flap valve pump has been designed to solve the most common challenges in mine dewatering, sump and chemical transfer applications. The robust, yet lightweight design allows for ease of maintenance and movement. This unique pump, ideal for handling solids and corrosive fluids, has been engineered to fully function in any position. It has durable mounting feet and includes lifting handles and hanging points–making it a perfect solution for numerous applications.

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Cognito EODD Pump

Cognito EODD is a Smart, IoT-enabled Electrically Operated Double Diaphragm pump. It is designed and developed while partnering with our customers, and by leveraging our 30 years of expertise in design & engineering and in-depth application knowledge in fluid technology. The Cognito EODD is engineered and designed with a robust mechanism to satisfy every customer's demands for increased production efficiency and lower total cost of ownership while facilitating the smooth handling of variety of fluids and slurries.

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