Leak detection on water distribution network using clamp-on flowmeters

 Indulge has been at the forefront of aiding customers in effectively managing water distribution networks. One critical challenge faced in such systems is the detection of leaks, which can lead to significant water loss and infrastructure damage. To address this issue, Indulge devised a solution that entails involves the simultaneous measurement of totalized flow at both ends of pipeline segments. This method enables us to pinpoint any imbalances in flow readings, which often indicate the presence of leaks.

Detection Method: Our approach hinges on the utilization of advanced clamp-on flow meters sourced from our principal , Panametrics. These state-of-the-art devices are seamlessly integrated into the water distribution network, allowing for non-intrusive monitoring of flow rates. By placing flow meters at strategic points along the pipeline, we can capture real-time data on totalized flow. Discrepancies between flow readings at different points signal potential leaks, enabling prompt intervention to mitigate water loss and prevent further damage to the infrastructure.

Benefits: The implementation of our leak detection solution offers numerous benefits to our customers. Firstly, the non-intrusive nature of our approach minimizes disruptions to the water distribution system, ensuring continuous operation without the need for extensive excavation or pipe modification. Additionally, the ability to identify leaks promptly helps our customers save both time and money by reducing water loss and associated repair costs. Moreover, by addressing leaks swiftly, we contribute to the conservation of valuable water resources and promote environmental sustainability.

Conclusion: In conclusion, Indulge is committed to providing innovative solutions that address the challenges faced by water utilities and distribution networks. Our leak detection solution, powered by advanced clamp-on flow meters from Panametrics, exemplifies our dedication to efficiency, reliability, and sustainability. By partnering with us, customers can proactively manage leaks, conserve water resources, and safeguard their infrastructure for years to come. For more information on how our solution can benefit your distribution network, please don’t hesitate to contact us.