As a premier manufacturer of cavity-free plug valves and specialized valves, AZ caters to production facilities across diverse sectors including chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, paper, and food industries, alongside nuclear power plants and various other sectors. Collaborating closely with our clients, we design and engineer specialized valves to meet the most stringent requirements, particularly in environments with elevated operating pressures and exposure to aggressive, toxic, or abrasive substances. Over six decades, AZ has evolved to address the growing needs of our global clientele, now boasting manufacturing facilities on four continents.


Explore the diverse product portfolio of AZ Armaturen, featuring an array of innovative valves for industrial applications. From sleeved plug valves and lined ball valves to specialized valves and sampling systems, we offer reliable solutions for sectors such as chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceuticals, and more. Our products are engineered to withstand extreme conditions, ensuring optimal performance and longevity in critical operations. With a commitment to quality and innovation, AZ Armaturen continues to be a trusted partner for industries worldwide. Discover the reliability and efficiency of our valves for your next project!

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Discover the versatility of AZ Armaturen solutions across a wide array of industries including oil & gas, chemical, fertilizer, food, power plants, and water management. AZ Armaturen products play a crucial role in enhancing operational efficiency, ensuring safety, and maintaining reliability in diverse industrial settings. From sleeved plug valves to specialized sampling systems, AZ Armaturen offers tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each industry. Visit our page to explore typical application examples and learn how our products are making a difference in various sectors worldwide.

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