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Few AZ solutions in refineries

AZ offers a range of solutions tailored for refineries, including plug valves like the EXTRA Type with full bore in Polypropylene and Propylene.AZ special cross-over valves feature a cavity-free design and incorporate a full bore 'transflow' plug, available as single valves or in combinations. Additionally, AZ provide sampling systems designed specifically for handling Propionic acid and Tower acid

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Some Successful Applications in chemical industry

In the chemical industry, AZ has implemented successful applications including plug valves with conductive sleeves, ex-protected for TDI and MDI production. AZ also introduced plug valves with oversize flanges, featuring completely automated heated flushing valves capable of operating in ambient temperatures as low as -40°C for Liquid Sulphur applications. Additionally, AZ sampling systems are tailored for gas mediums like Ethylene oxide, ensuring precise and reliable sampling in critical processes

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Solutions in Paper Industry

AZ Plug valves serve as vital components in industries handling diverse mediums such as green liquor, black liquor, acid sulfur, chlorine, and ammonium bisulfite acid. Engineered to withstand harsh chemical environments, these valves ensure reliable flow control and prevent leakage in critical processes. With their robust construction and corrosion-resistant materials, plug valves offer enhanced durability and long-term performance in challenging applications.

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Application in water industry

AZ's expertise extends to the water industry, where our plug valves play a vital role in desalination processes. Specifically engineered for use with saltwater, these valves are crafted from Super Duplex stainless steel, ensuring superior corrosion resistance and longevity in challenging environments. With a focus on durability and reliability, AZ plug valves provide precise control and efficient operation, meeting the stringent demands of desalination plants worldwide.

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